Bijo♂Men Z

Japanese Cos-Play Band

The world’s first all male girls band consisting of four men who are more beautiful than women.
Their activity is based on the concept of "Sensational Unisex Rock."


In a certain world at a certain time...
The story takes place in Fantasia, a magical city in the sky where everyone uses magic.
The people of Fantasia have built their civilization through magic.
Children learn magic from their parents and then pass it down to the next generation.
Once the children have come of age, they enter the Magic Academy to train to become an independent magician.
This is a story about four studying magicians who meet at the academy.

YAKKUN, the magician of love and fire.
Natsuki Kisaragi, the magician of sky and nature.
Toru ch, the magician of light and electricity.
Iori, the magician of water and ice.

The four studied and grew up together in the Magic Academy,
making outstanding achievements with their magical abilities.
They were so great that people referred to them as "Generation Z," a generation of prodigies.
However, one day the dark magician Sakito who feared their powers,
turned their bodies into girls and cast them away into the human world.
Sakito's true identity was the lord of darkness and he aimed to take control over the entire world.
"The Element Master," known to be the god of the magic world,
tells the four students that they must generate and collect enough excitement from the people in the human world in order to acquire enough power to defeat Sakito.
Hearing this, the boys(?) set off on a great adventure!


Bijo♂Men Vlossom are formed

Centered round Sakurazuka Yakkun, they were formed on a music audition show broadcasted on TBS television.
They are the world’s first all male girls band consisting of four men who are more beautiful than women.
Their activity is based on the concept of "Sensational Unisex Rock" and they have a unique sound.
Their first live show was successfully held at the Shanghai Expo, one of the biggest events ever to be held in China.

Their performance is not restricted just to music.
They have also walked on the runway at the Kobe Collection as models and are active as actors and voice actors.
Their first downloadable song reached No.1 on the RecoChoku daily and weekly charts,
which was a groundbreaking accomplishment for a band who had not yet released a CD.

February 14th, 2013

Reborn as "Bijo♂Men Z"

They changed their name to Bijo♂Men Z and renewed their concept to a brand new form of entertainment that mixes
"Music, Magic (Tricks), and Comedy." Currently they are vigorously touring around Japan.

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